Theme Madness

Sun 01 April 2012

This site has a "static" homepage, with the actual blog being a pseudo page. Static pages and blog posts will use the same theme this way, providing for a good integrated look. I was searching for a "skeleton" theme which would provide a good starting point to fork my own theme. A quick search yielded the Skeleton responsive theme, which looked good. Pages have a "wide" template available, which removes the widgets at the right. What is this "responsive" buzzword? It just means a theme which "responds" to your actions, which in this case means adjusting the layout of the site based on window resizing. This way, it works on smarphones and tablets as well.


Somehow, the theme seemed too heavy after looking at sites like Searched again, got spammed in the search results, then found a non-spammy looking list of free responsive themes. Scherzo seemed nice and minimalistic...till I looked at the creator's webpage. That seemed like the ideal theme, a nice looking "responsive" theme with a non-intrusive sidebar. As of now, I use a modified Scherzo theme, which seems to be working well.


Typekit, no second thoughts there. Google has some free web fonts, but not many professionally designed themes from good foundries. Decided on a serif body font with a sans-serif header font. So be it!